Citigroup Inc, headquartered in USA, launched a Corporate Accelerator called Citi Accelerator in 2013. They describe their goal as "The Accelerator program will allow startup companies to apply from all areas within financial technology, such as payments, markets, trading and analysis."

Website: Citi Accelerator

About the program

Status Unclear
Locations Tel Aviv, Israel
Funding N/I
Equity N/I
Term 4 months
Cohort-based Yes, yearly
Pitch day N/I
Office space N/I
Powered by No
Support offered Yes, mentors
Launched 2013
Focus areas N/I

About the company

Name Citigroup Inc
Headquarter USA
Industry Finance and Insurance
NAICS Commercial Banking (522110)
Listed on S&P 500

Further comments

Probably already closed and replaced with a new initiative (likely Nov 14). One round took place according to the Bankinnovation article.

Additional sources

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