Gakken, headquartered in Japan, launched a Corporate Accelerator called GAKKEN Accelerator Program in 2015. They describe their goal as "GAKKEN Accelerator is designed to screen start-up teams/entrepreneurs (including small/middle companies and freelancers) who have a will to make innovation happen in publishing/media businesses, books/magazines, contents businesses and education businesses (also related business domains)."

Website: GAKKEN Accelerator Program

About the program

Status Active
Locations Tokyo, Japan
Funding 100,000 JPY (price money)
Equity N/I
Term 4 months
Cohort-based Yes, yearly
Pitch day N/I
Office space N/I
Powered by 01Booster
Support offered N/I
Launched 2015
Focus areas

Publishing/media, Books/magazines, Informational contents, Education

About the company

Name Gakken
Headquarter Japan
Industry Educational Services
NAICS Book Publishers (51113)

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