Microsoft Corp, headquartered in USA, launched a Corporate Accelerator called Microsoft Ventures Accelerators in 2013.

Website: Microsoft Ventures Accelerators

About the program

Status Active
Locations Bangalore, India / Beijing, China / Berlin, Germany / London, UK / Paris, France / Seattle, USA / Tel Aviv, Israel
Funding No
Equity No
Term 3-6 months
Cohort-based Yes, (yearly?)
Pitch day Yes
Office space Yes
Powered by No
Support offered Yes, mentors, technology and infrastructure support
Launched 2013
Focus areas

The Accelerator Program is aimed at helping tech startups doing big things in Cloud, Internet and Mobile. We are ready to consider any application that can leverage the Cloud, such as:

  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile (any O/S)
  • Media
  • Social Applications
  • Gaming
  • Education & Healthcare
  • Others: Enterprise, Telecom, Big Data

About the company

Name Microsoft Corp
Headquarter USA
Industry Information
NAICS Software Publishers (511210)
Listed on S&P 500

Further comments

Likely the successor of the other Microsoft program.

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